The perfect content cocktail:
Your creativity added rich insights

We share the same mission, right? To create better content. That’s why we’ve created a platform that sets up a perfect rendezvous between your content and your audience. To extract fast, actionable insights from video feedback. It’s the perfect content cocktail to boost your creativity.

It’s in the human touch

When we connect your content with your audience synergies arise. The human perspective – thoughts and emotions – create unique insights that elevate your content.
We believe content success starts with your customers. Whether you are a content creator or a CMO e.g., we connect your creativity with your customers’ insights – and help you create an experience that truly works for them.
… when created on customer insights. That’s our belief. With our platform creativity and customers go hand in hand. Insights generate and lift your creativity as a shortcut and secret sauce to more successful content.
We believe in democratizing insights and making them available to everyone whenever they need them. Our platform can be a segue for a more customer-centric culture inside your company.

In the end, we know it’s a numbers game

And these ones should tell a good story about us.
The year we got into the insight world
Creators working with Sonar
Feedback sessions recorded
Average time-to-insight
Content study templates

Maybe you and we are a perfect cocktail?

Well, come meet our international team in our Copenhagen offices and learn more about Sonar and how we can help you. Cocktails on us!


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