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1 Platform. Many Solutions

Looking to increase conversions from your campaigns?
Wanna make your brand stand out more, or turn your customers into die-hard fanatics?
Whatever your research needs, we've got it covered.
Add some audience zest to your digital touchpoints and see conversion soar.
Refine your campaigns with your audience until you hit the marketing jackpot.
Cross every T and dot every I in your brand identity, to shoot your brand up to stardom.
Identify what makes your customers tick, inspire loyalty, and reap the rewards.
Team up with your users to work on products and features that solve their actual problems.

Easy. Fast. Cheap. Insights

Remember when customer research was a paper-filling, clock-spinning, budget-draining chore? Yeah, us too. Say “buh-bye” to dinosaurs’ methods with a platform that makes customer research:
3-clicks-easy. Really.
In the old research days, you had to drudge through study designs. With Sonar, you can choose from 50+ study templates with pre-built questions and tasks, and get started in 3 clicks.
Lickety-split fast.
Focus group experts take weeks to set up, analyse, and produce a—usually toothless—research job. We give you video-powered, fully interactive insights in hours.
Same-same. But cheaper.
Instead of spending big bucks on research, choose a budget-friendly option that's just as good