Why Is My Marketing
Not Paying Off?

Ever wondered "Why is my brand's liking going down? Why aren't my ads converting? Why are my campaigns underperforming?" It’s time to rethink what you know about customer centricity. Welcome to Sonar, the customer insights platform powered by generative AI that revolutionises your marketing game.

Where Old Meets Bold

Remember when getting your customers’ perspectives was a paper-filling, group-hunting, budget-draining chore? Yeah, us too. With Sonar, we’re saying “buh-bye” to dinosaurs’ methods, giving you an AI-powered platform that makes qualitative customer research:
3-clicks-easy. Really.
In the old research days, you had to drudge through study designs. With Sonar, you can choose from 50+ study templates with pre-built questions and tasks, and get started in 3 clicks.
Lickety-split fast.
Focus group experts take weeks to set up, analyse, and produce a—usually toothless—research job. We give you video-powered, fully interactive insights in hours.
Same-same. But cheaper.
Instead of spending big bucks on research, choose a budget-friendly option that's just as good. Too good to be true? Try Sonar for free for the first 30 days.

Insights That’ll Blow Your Mind...or mAInd

‘Easier, faster, AND cheaper? Where’s the catch?’ We've harnessed the power of our generative AI to democratise insights based on data from 100,000 studies. In other words, we’re empowering your team to tap into the minds of your customers with ease, in no time, and for a ridiculous price.

Just get started…
Pick one of our 50+ templates and feed it your testing material. We do the research heavy lifting, providing you with best-in-class study tasks and open-ended questions that will make your qualitative research extra valuable.

…the AI will take care of the rest…
Forget about obscure data analysis. Our AI will process, transcribe, and break every customer interview down into structured qualitative data. This means no more data crunches or cryptic reports. And much better insights.

…and give you eye-popping results!
Finally, the insights! Our AI will generate clear, actionable insights, backed by video findings and presented in an intuitive and shareable dashboard.

The Insights Revolution
 Is Here. You In?

Stop twiddling your thumbs and join the Sonar revolution! Click below to embark on an adventure that will make your competitors green with envy and your marketing efforts soar to new heights.