Experience the why

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Customer experiences matter. But how you experience them matters even more.
Peek behind the curtain and look at your customers’ pains, emotions, and frustration as they explore your material on video. Discover the ‘whys’ behind their actions and use these insights to turn your marketing experiences into commercial success.

Connect the dots,
 explore the whys

“Why does nobody open my email?” “Why is my brand attracting the wrong audience?” “Why is my cats-filled ad outperforming all the rest?”

Identifying and understanding the ‘whys’ behind customer choices is what turns your marketing efforts from a shot in the dark to a bullseye. Experts call them: “qualitative customer insights.”

More than a focus group thing

Qualitative insights are nothing new: companies worldwide have studied them since the dawn of focus groups. However, their cost and complexity have made them unavailable to most companies. That is, until now: we’ve built a qualitative insights platform that makes your search for customers’ why:
3-clicks-easy. Really
Old research requires you to build your own study. And that takes a LOT of expertise. Sonar allows you to set up your research in 3 clicks. Easy as that.
Lickety-split fast
Focus groups experts take weeks to produce a—usually useless—report. We give you video-powered, fully interactive insights in hours.
Same-same. But cheaper
We offer a budget-friendly alternative to focus groups. Try us for free in your first month and pay a fraction of the cost of a typical focus group after that.

Simple, Yet 
Powerful Insights

Who says you need to be a research expert to learn more about your customers? Sonar is designed with simplicity in mind, catering to non-experts like you.

Research so Easy…
… you won’t have to do a thing. We do the heavy lifting, providing you with ready-to-use study templates filled with questions that will make your customer insights extra valuable.

AI-powered simplicity
Our AI makes it a breeze to understand and act on valuable insights. For you, this means no more data crunches or cryptic reports. And much better insights.

Experience the insights magic
Our intuitive format presents customer insights in a way even a toddler could understand and act on.

Add the ‘why’ to your ‘what’ and ‘how’

Data is great. But it’s not enough. With quick, cost-effective, and high-quality insights from your customers, you’ll add the missing piece to your marketing optimisation puzzle.
Analytical tools can give you a snapshot of what digital assets are performing, and how well.
Qualitative customer insights can tell you why your customers like your assets and behave the way they do.
A/B tests can help you determine which version of your content has the best impact on your business metrics.

See the world through your customer's eyes today.

Make customer experiences matter. Test your marketing assets with real consumers and get their insights on video in hours. Try Sonar for free today. No strings attached. No credit card required.