Insights on the House!

Take your content game up a notch (or a million!) in as little as 4 hours. Completely for free! Sonar is the platform that boosts your creativity with qualitative insights from your target audience. And the best part? It’s fast, actionable, affordable, and ready to use in two clicks.

What’s Sonar?

Ever wanted to step into your customers’ world and experience your content as they do? Well, Sonar is a platform that lets you take that crucial step. We present your content to your audience, capture all reactions and feedback on the video, and serve you all the priceless “a-ha”; moments that can make your content and conversions go from good to great.

What’s free?

When we say 'free', we mean 'FREE'! Think of it as a 30-day present from us, with no strings attached. And trust us, it's not some kind of unicorn magic. It’s for real!
30 days access to the insights platform
A study with 15 participants recruited by Sonar (US & UK, exclusively)
Up to 10 studies with self recruitment
No strings attached
No credit card needed
You will have to opt-in to continue, not opt-out

Sign up today – get insights tomorrow

Sonar is ultrafast, super easy to use, and gives you actionable, qualitative insights. Our AI-powered platform is solid and built on 10.000 studies and helps some of the world’s biggest brands.