Why Is My Marketing
Not Paying Off?

Ever wondered "Why is my brand's liking going down? Why aren't my ads converting? Why are my campaigns underperforming?" Step into your consumers' shoes and make your marketing work...well, work!

Try Sonar, the AI-powered consumer insights platform, for 30 days, and get premium expert support, plus one qualitative study with participants recruited by us, for just €195.

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You. Got. It!

Congratulations! You have just siezed the juiciest Sonar deal of the year. We'll get in touch for the next steps. Sit tight!

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Get your consumer insights
off the ground

As part of our amazing deal, we’ll match you up with one of our experts, identify your insights needs, and map an insights roadmap optimized for long-term learning.
Just choose what to test: we’ll recommend the best testing material, help you refine your target audience, and recruit all relevant participants for you.
We'll show you how to use our consumer insights platform, unveil the secrets of our AI, and teach you how to incorporate consumer research into your marketing process with no sweat.
Let us help you analyse the results and present you and your team with the most valuable and actionable insights.

A Deal So Good…
Our Sales Team Is Bullying Us

If you are reading this message, congrats! We’ve strong-armed our higher-ups to help you unlock customer centricity with a silly-good deal. Wanna know how silly? Check it out!

Our Standard Deal

Feel the impact of continuous consumer insights.
40 videos processed
  • Equals 4 study/month
Recruit your own customers as study participants
Sonar Recruitment (from €40/participant)
50+ study templates
Unlimited users & platform access
Basic customer support
Save up to 1000€

July Deal

Be quick and get premium consumer research now.*
40 videos processed per month
  • Equals up to 4 studies/month
Recruit your own customers as study participants
1 free study with Sonar-recruited participants (value: up to 1000€)
  • Get one study with 15 participants filtered by gender and age in any of the following markets: UK, US, DE, NL, DK, NO, SE, SP, FR, IT, IE
50+ study templates
Unlimited users & platform access
Free professional support
  • Includes: platform onboarding, research strategy session, and insights presentation for any of your studies.
*Offer reserved to the first 25 people contacting us. Hurry up and seize the deal while you can!

Ok…what’s Sonar again?

Sonar is the consumer insights platform, powered by generative AI, that levels up your marketing efforts with quick customer insights on video. Check our video to find out more!

What can you use Sonar for?

You can use Sonar to test any of your marketing material with real consumers in hours. We offer 50+ pre-built testing templates to get you started in just a few clicks. Don’t know where to begin? Here is what our clients like to test most:
Landing Page
Competitive Benchmarking
Campaign Concept
Value Proposition
Social Media Ad
Brand Perception

…Why Are You Still Here?

Stop twiddling your thumbs and join the Sonar revolution! Click below to embark on an adventure that will make your competitors green with envy and your marketing efforts soar. Trust us, you’ll be in good company.