Turn Brands into Icons

How’s your brand feeling lately? Well, let’s put it to the test and let your audience give honest feedback on your CVI, hero content, website, and more. Take these valuable insights and take your brand to a new level – and beyond!

Read your audience mind - no telepathy needed

Crack into the minds of your audience. Discover how your brand is truly seen by your customers, let them compare it with key competitors’, or see if your visual identity and tone match their perception. Then, tailor your strategy around their desires and needs, and turn your brand into an open book they can’t stop reading.

Here’s what you need to test to escalate your brand perception by 20%:

Make your brand the stuff of legends

Forget about spells: it’s time to pour the gasoline on your brand fire. Test your branded content, and check with your audience if your brand tonality is hitting the mark. Then, strike the iron while it’s hot and mix your creativity with customer insights, creating assets guaranteed to leave a mark.

Here’s what you need to test if you want to create high-conversion branded content:

So, how does Sonar work?

Pick the pricing plan you want to start with...where are you going? Relax, the first study is ALWAYS free. You can stick around after you’ve seen the actual value of our platform.
Select what to test from any of the studies included in your study package.
Filter your audience as narrowly as you need, and upload the content you want to test.
We gather and analyse your audience’s video feedback into actionable insights and recommendations in as little as 4 hours.
Put your insights to work and make your content go from great to greatest.

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