Sonar for Performance Marketing

Reach your audience with ads they can’t turn away from. Use Sonar to test your paid content, and get qualitative insights you can use to identify new growth channels, refine your performance marketing strategy, and maximise your content ROI.

Reach the right audience. With the right assets.

As a growth marketer, your job is to convert the right users to customers on a budget. Sonar simplifies this with insights into your audience’s preferences, pain points, and behaviour, which will help you create original audience-tailored content, optimise your existing one for maximum effect, and place it where on those channels where know it will just hit the spot.

How Sonar can enhance your performance marketing:

By infusing qualitative insights from your audience into your performance marketing, you’ll be able to, among others:
Achieve 20% more ad conversions
Discover the emotional triggers and the benefits your audience wants to hear, to create compelling ads and call to actions that will maximise your clicks.
Discover the most effective channel fit
Test all your paid content before you invest in it, and get the audience perspective into where they would like to see it, and why.
Maximise your paid ROI
Get more bang for your marketing buck. By saving money on irrelevant ideas and promoting only content guaranteed to convert, you’ll gain a two-fold boost on your content ROI.

Insights at your fingertips

Sonar helps you experience real people on video as they engage with your content, and it gives you insights you can quickly use to improve its performance.

Testing with us is easy, fast, and gives you results you can trust. We use a study methodology developed over 10 years in the biz, leveraging an international panel of over 4 million B2B and B2C users. We then extract qualitative insights with our patent AI and give you video-powered, tangible recommendations you can use to refine your content and get more bang out of your creativity.

So, how does Sonar work?

Pick the pricing plan you want to start with...where are you going? Relax, the first study is ALWAYS free. You can stick around after you’ve seen the actual value of our platform.
Select what to test from any of the studies included in your study package.
Filter your audience as narrowly as you need, and upload the content you want to test.
We gather and analyse your audience’s video feedback into actionable insights and recommendations in as little as 4 hours.
Put your insights to work and make your content go from great to greatest.

Don’t push generic content ever again

Test the strength of your paid content with real customers today. We guarantee value: try your first study today; if you are not happy, you’ll get you money back, no questions asked.